What Foods Go with Caviar?

For most, caviar has an acquired taste. But even though purists, with their smug, sophisticated palettes, argue that it’s best eaten alone, unless you’re at a caviar tasting event, most caviar servings will come with garnishes. These side condiments aren’t just there to beautify the meal, but to give you options on how to eat. Check out some of these premium grade Iranian caviars at https://caspianmonarque.com/ and some popular garnishes to pair them with.

Caviar Serving Tips

– For strategic reasons, caviar is usually served in its package; first because the beads are really delicate and could break while transferring it to another plate, and also because caviar absorbs the flavor of whatever material it comes in contact with. That’s why you’ll often find them on clear, glassy looking miniature bowls with mother of pearl spoons by the side. Caviar will absorb the taste of any silver it comes in contact with, as well as any side dish you put it on.

– The aim of the accompaniment is to enhance the taste, not to entirely mask, compete with, or overshadow the intense flavor and experience of caviar. That means try to keep the garnish within a respectable range of bland.

– Caviar is served chilled. Not room temperature, but very chilled, to prevent bacteria growth. So, your condiment shouldn’t be something particularly warm or hot.

This isn’t always stated, but Champaign, or some other really good wine (iced vodka for Russians) is a staple caviar accompaniment, so we won’t be recommending side drinks, just foods.

Caviar Pairings

Bland Condiments: these include plain bread (without the crust), plain crackers (delicate situation if it falls apart), boiled egg whites, toast or blini. The lack of flavor on these garnishes means the flavor of the caviar might be dulled a bit, but not compromised. Some people suggest pizza crust because it allows for a more piggish fashion of eating – good for when you’re not in polite company. Just make sure you plop a generous amount, but without spreading it, as you could risk breaking the eggs, and losing the flavor. You don’t want that happening anywhere else but in your mouth.

Moderately Flavored Accompaniments: you’ll be hard-pressed to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve caviar with onions on the side. The Russians are fond of eating caviar with potatoes, which has its own slight flavor. You can either have the caviar with a side of boiled sliced potatoes that have been chilled, or with potatoes chips.

Flavored Condiments: taking caviar’s all about what your palette loves, and if you think the taste comes on too strong, you might prefer a slightly more flavored side dish. Cheap caviar might also need to be enhanced, so you might want a flavored side dish as well. You can have a potato latke, a small dollop of sour cream or lemon juice, with some onions if you want. Egg yolks also fall into this category.

Having seen the different garnishes for caviar, we have to point out that if you can afford to regularly eat caviar, then you really don’t have to apologize for how you like it. So those sophisticated people who look down on anyone “mucking” up the taste of caviar and shove it.

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