dance with your fingers

"OMG! OMG! OMG! I didn't know that I was so musical! Reminds me of Guitar Hero, but it is much better to play and at least a thousand times more fun!" - Check App

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SongArc - the #1 music game on Windows Phone – is now available for iOS and Android!

A real music game

Other rhythm games only give you 3-4 notes to play. But real music is more than rhythm, it’s melody! Our unique arc allows infinitely more ways to express the MUSIC.

Revolutionary gameplay

With long notes, swipes and even drums, feel closer to your favorite artists and songs than ever before!

Play with any song you have

SongArc works with any song you have on your phone, be it rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, ska, classical or even movie scores, your favorite superstar or the obsecure band you love the most!

Community driven

The SongArc community creates and shares “Sheets” that describe the dance your fingers perform on the screen in sync with the music. More than 130,000 Sheets have been created and shared and the number grows every day!

SongArc in numbers

130,000+ playable sheets
7,000,000+ songs played
40 years total playtime
A picture is worth a thousand words... so what about 24 of them per second?

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