CCPA – Privacy Protection

In today’s world, it has become incredibly important that privacy is protected. Even though technology has evolved into a potent force that has completely altered the way everything is done, some concerns come with this technology. Mainly because everything on the internet is always looking for personal and sensitive information, there are possibilities that the information provided gets leaked, and the wrong people gain access to it. This privacy breach has been recurring globally, and it has become essential to stop it. Many applications and websites like Ethyca are working towards ensuring the safety and protection of customers’ sensitive information.

There have been many alterations on the local and global levels to amend rules and regulations regarding global privacy and protection of the people’s information. The most recent of which is introducing different acts that were designed and put forward to ensure protection for the people’s rights. The most prominent of this is the CCPA.

What is the CCPA?

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How does Instagram Growth Services Work?

The idea of Instagram growth service is being promoted and assurance is given by professionals that a legitimate Instagram growth service is all you need to establish a strong Instagram presence. The work of this service is basically to analyze a brand’s products and values, determine the type of audience that would be most interested in the brand’s product, create contents that are entertaining yet still concur with the brand’s value, maintain a good relationship with the audience and report back to the account owner. Now, an unbeliever would argue about how unnecessary it is to pay someone else to handle these easy tasks, remember that these tasks are often given out to help the account owner focus on other things besides social media marketing. But, if you aren’t convinced to build your audience using Instagram growth service, this article will give an in-depth explanation of what they actually do and how they do it. Stick around!

How Instagram Growth Services Actually Work.

Although banned by Instagram, some growth services use bots and automatic software to work on improving an Instagram account. Therefore, before you hire an Instagram growth service, you should make inquiries to know if they have a reputation of using unauthorized tactics. 

  • Liking and commenting: this is by far the safest, most expensive yet slowest means used for Instagram growth service. It’s easy, SM marketers just discover the accounts of active target audience, like their posts, and comment. This will make these users curious about who is constantly liking their posts and commenting religiously, which will in turn make them follow your account.

  • Follow/Unfollow method: this is a very effective method but on the other hand will not yield a long time audience engagement. In this method, the Instagram growth service you employ will follow the account of your target audience and will ask those users to follow back. However, there is usually a high probability that these users would unfollow your account after a number of days or become uninterested and never become customers.

  • Using auto-comments and auto-direct messages: this is the most risky method used for Instagram growth. It’s easy to understand how this method might land your account into trouble. Remember Instagram’s rule of not using bots and any automatic tactics, this method breaks the rule. Asides from breaking Instagram’s rule, no one wants to receive direct messages from a company he/she doesn’t know about. Furthermore, it’s often irritating when a user types a comment that isn’t in any way related to what you post. Believe it or not, that’s what auto-commenting feels like.

Using filter options: this doesn’t involve those beautiful sparkly things you add to a picture during editing, no. These kinds of filters work literally, when synchronized, they can put a barricade to inactive accounts, new accounts, private accounts, business accounts (this is important for B2C companies), foreign language accounts, etc. So while these steps aren’t difficult, it is wise to assign them to an experienced Instagram growth service company and use your time for other important things. Check out this video on why you need Instagram growth service: 

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What’s the Highest Liked Photo on Instagram?

Spoiler alert – it’s always changing. But as at the time of writing, an egg, with 53,684,178 likes, holds the record for the most liked photo on Instagram. It dethroned the photo of Kylie Jenner announcing baby Stormi’s birth – which had 18 million likes – and Egg photo has only continued to garner more likes.

To be fair, the Instagram account was specifically set up to dethrone Kylie Jenner, and even though they had far fewer followers starting up, once they went viral, they were able to more than doubly defeat their goal. At 50 million likes, dethroning the egg photo seems like an insurmountable task (just as defeating Kylie’s 18 million likes must have seemed at the start), but someone will probably achieve that feat. So how exactly did “world record egg”, the marketers behind the seemingly perfect egg photo manage to go viral?

Simple. They offered an invitation no one could turn down. A chance to beat the youngest “self-made” billionaire at something? Why not. And even though they started with almost no followers, they soon became instafamous. To be fair, this marketer was most likely targeting an “anticelebrity” audience, so it was easy for a lot of people to relate. The point is, world record egg knew that its audience wouldn’t want a promo, or an actual ad, just something innocent (not selling anything), the plain picture of an egg fit. Can this be replicated by anyone?

Honestly? It’s tough going viral, and people have done some truly crazy stuff, that never really took off, because they didn’t understand what they were doing – and didn’t know their target audience. To go viral, your Instagram photo needs to resonate with your niche audience first before it even stands the chance of impressing everyone else. It’s your niche audience who’ll take the “message” out to the world through likes and shares. This is where Instagram booster comes in.

Instagram booster answers the question “how do you get a ton of likes when you don’t have millions of followers or some genius marketing idea?”. It connects you with followers within your idea/brand niche using a systematic matrix and machine learning tool. The followers you are connected with are then able to engage with your content, then share it with their own followers, so your reach will be far and wide.

Does Having Many Instagram Likes Pay?

Definitely. Otherwise people won’t be going steer crazy trying to brand themselves on the app. Take World Record Egg for example, since January 2019, when this photo was shared, it has generated more that 8.5 million followers and a lot of recognition – even amongst non-followers. That’s a lot of advertising revenue just waiting to be generated. Fortunately, you don’t even have to have that many followers and likes to make money. Just a steady audience, within a specific industry or niche, and you can begin raking in some greens.

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