Why Should I Hire a CASp?

The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) condemn discrimination of any kind to any citizen or foreigner. One of the forms of discrimination is the lack of accessibility to a private or public space by a disabled person. This is as per the ADA which was enacted in the year 1992 and applies to properties erected both before and after its enactment. In the State of California, a CASp is a tested and certified professional who is knowledgeable on the minimum requirements for your building when it comes to accessibility standards.

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Hiring a CASp

A CASp or a Certified Access Specialist is a tested and certified professional under the employ of the State of California. Typically, they are instructed to know the minimum accessibility standards that a building should have, dependent on its size, shape, location among other factors.

You can argue that you can hire a qualified construction designer who may install certain features improving the accessibility of your building for the disabled. And while this may be true, only a CASp can determine and approve that a building is ADA compliant.

In addition, only a CASp can carry out a CASP inspection and draft a report on the same. A building with a positive CASP inspection means that the building conforms with the accessibility standards provided for within the ADA.

Avoid the lawsuit by the employ of a CASp

Accidents cannot be explained or predicted. They are outside of the scope of mankind. That means they can also occur to disabled persons on your property. In the case that the main reason is due to the installation or lack of such an accessibility feature, having a report by a CASp could be the difference between you walking scot-free and coughing up millions of dollars.

Hire a CASp to perform an inspection on your property to also reduce the number of damages from a lawsuit. A Lawsuit can run into the millions and when a building issued, the inspector report from a certified CASp could be what makes you exit scot-free.

Ensure access to all

To maximize the number of customers who visit your commercial building, your property must be inspected by a CASp professional. The CASp inspection report will recommend to you new features that need to be installed on your property. It brings your property up to the required standards and code.