Who makes the most reliable hard drives?

Hard drives are external, portable storage devices that help you in storing data that your computer lacks space to house. Purchasing a hard drive requires you to carefully scrutinize and pick between various different brands because hard drives vary from brand to brand in terms of quality, usage, performance, and longevity. Hard drives help to secure data in a convenient and safe way, which allows you to access your data whenever you wish. However, while deciding between the different types of hard drives, it is imperative to take a close look at the different features offered by varying brands. For more information, check out https://www.allhdd.com/hard-drive/sas-12gbps/600gb-10k-rpm/dell-st600mm0088-nbp/

Most Reliable Hard Drives

Any drive that you purchase will stop working at a certain time. You should choose a brand that has an extended life and will be with you for a greater amount of time. The most common and widely used hard drives are by the brands Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, and HGST. All of these brands produce the best hard drives made in the most premium quality. Hard drives by these brands ensure that they produce optimum performance and do not create any issues while working. However, we need to find out which of these brands manufacture the most reliable hard drives. A survey carried out by a company, therefore, found out that the hard drives produced by Western Digital were the least reliable. They stopped working after a short period of time. This was a great shock because Western Digital is considered being the best and most famous company of all time. The company conducted research in which they put over 56,000 hard drives into 1249 different storage pods. This was to find out how the different hard drives would perform. These drives were of different storage space and all belonged to different manufacturers.

The hard drives failed variably and in different situations, but some of the results of the research were observed all over the hard drives. HGST was the brand that was the most reliable and had a failure rate of only 1 percent. The hard drives by this brand were the best in terms of working, performance, and speed. Toshiba had a failure rate of 3.5 percent whereas Seagate had a slightly higher rating but it was under 4 percent. Western Digital had the highest failure rate as it ranked at 7 percent. These results were somewhat surprising and led to a confused debate as all these brands are known as the premium manufacturers and makers of the best hard drives there can be.


Thus it can be said that HGST is a brand that you can rely upon the most as it has been tried and tested that it will not fail you but another conclusion can be made that these little variations in the percentage do not matter much for an average consumer as he is more focused upon getting his work done.