How to Practice Proper Gun Range Etiquette

Whether it is your first time or not going for recreational shooting, there are several factors you have to consider to ensure both you and other people are safe. Numerous rules are set to ensure proper etiquette. They include:


Always shoot in the direction of the target. This will ensure all the shooters are safe from accidental injuries or aims that can probably go wrong.

Pay attention to the surrounding environment

Always be vigilant as much as shooting requires your 100% concentration. The instructor could be giving warnings, telling shooters to evacuate the place, or telling them where to reload the guns from.

Have all your shooting gear in place

Ensure all the equipment necessary is in place and well-worn when you opt for recreational shooting. For example, you need to ensure you are wearing hearing guards. Did you know if a gun is shot next to your ear it can cause either temporary or permanent deafness, bleeding ears, and ringing ears? Ensure you also protect your eyes by wearing the provided glasses. Shooting grounds often have particles that can get into your eyes causing harm and in severe cases blindness.

Right position

When shooting, ensure you take the right position. For first-timers, you are encouraged to hold the gun with both your hands during shooting to give maximum support. Ensure you follow all the instructions given. This also includes ensuring you have full body balance by increasing the surface area covered. You will notice other shooters making their bodies balance by putting one leg in front of the other.

Always utilize the bench

While loading the gun, always use the space provided. Some places will have a common loading area, while others will have an individual loading area. Make use of this space and ensure you leave the space as clean as you found it. When loading the gun, shooters are encouraged to use the bullets provided. If you have your bullets, consult an instructor before loading them in the gun.

Follow the rules

Always follow the rules of the place you are practicing your shooting from. They will always be in a visible place, or you will fill a form before someone instructs you on where to make payments. Some places will have rules on the dress code and code of conduct in general, while others will only be specific on the areas of shooting range.

Ensure you only shoot where you are aiming

This is possible if only you take your time to shoot. Aim at a target, check if your gun is well loaded and cocked before you start shooting. At the beginner level, you will probably need more time to focus before shooting. But as time goes by, you will take lesser time to focus before shooting.

Socialize with other shooters

It is only courteous to say “hi” to someone and get to know them. Some places will always encourage socializing by setting up a social place where people can share a meal or a drink.

In conclusion, like every other place, some rules are acceptable and others are not. Be on the lookout to know which ones to follow and go by.