What Makes the Perfect Instagram Post?

You are probably here to search for the answer. You want the right answer. The thing you want to hear is that you already have great content. But here’s one thing people do that you are probably doing. You are considering yourself a hotshot even before you are a hotshot. You are saying, “That, yeah, it’s going to work anyway.” But when you operate like that, you are going to limit yourself. You will limit the reach. The kind of engagement that most Instagram users crave for.

What we can offer you are tips and bonus tips to create the perfect Instagram post and rank up the numbers.

Consult from previous posts


We assume that you have already pulled some strings from your bow, and maybe you have hit the lottery. And you are wondering, why did it work? But then you stopped asking those questions, then you stopped growing. Probably, because you started to compare yourself with others and focus on the analytics that rakes everything up. If that sounds like you, then there’s something you have to do about it.

You have to close your ears and stop listening to what others are saying. The feedback that matters is the posts that got engagement. This means you are looking at live viewers, follower count, likes, and comments. This way, you are looking at what you can make out the most from your network.

It’s more than the picture

It’s about the things you add on the side. Think about it in terms of the food you eat. It’s not the food that makes it delicious. It’s about what you put in the food that matters. The spices, the experience attached to it, the time that was taken to cook it, and the technique behind it. When it comes to Instagram, salt and pepper are the hashtags and the captions.

Use two to eight hashtags at most. Then use the hashtags that are related to your niche and brand.

Captions ought to be limited to ten words. Or if you can, a sentence can do the job.

Select the appropriate message to pass across to your audience

Your message has to be aligned with your audience, and whatever you are advertising or announcing should touch your public. The perfect Instagram post finesses context in every single aspect. Meaning that it shows that you appreciate the brand you are creating, and you care about your audience. It also means that you have put thought into it.

Upload a high-resolution photo and video

Clear looks good. No, great! The greatest impression of having something clear means that you are careful of what you post. Which, in most cases, is not true. You may have just a good camera that looks amazing. Look at the photos you admire. They probably fall in the category that they are engaging, have good energy, have appropriate hashtags and captions and their resolution is off the charts.


For additional tips on how to grow your Instagram account, visit simplygram.com. The site has a plethora of articles and tips that you will find useful.