What is the most private way of texting?

Whether it’s planning a surprise birthday party or a simple conversation on world domination, there are times when you are more concerned and conscious about the conversations on your phone. The urge to keep your messages from prying eyes becomes overwhelming. So, how do you hide your texts and also maybe your calls from those around you? Especially from those who have repeated access to your phone? Even if they know how to unlock your phone, getting the most secure texting app in the market is the best way of communicating under the radar.

There are a number of secure texting apps that can help you go covert. Keep reading the article to find the best one for your needs.


Available for both Android and iPhone users, Telegram is a secure texting and messaging app that has risen in reputation over the past few years. It offers discreet communication with end-to-end encryption. The developers have updated several features within the system that allows for very discreet communications.

Telegram has a self-destructing messaging feature that provides for messages and pictures to automatically hid or delete themselves after an allotted time. In addition, you can also delete messages from the recipient’s phone from yours, just in case your partner in crime is too slow in deleting the evidence.


Signal is another app that can keep people from snooping around on your phone.

They say simple is always best. And that’s the first feature that Signal offers its users. Signal allows you to set a password. Humans are to error, and as thorough as you might be, you might forget that one conversation. Hence, the need for a password.

Disappearing Messages Mode allows for automatic deletion of messages sent after a specific time. And did we mention that the app is free?


If you are one in need of some light humor and undercover vibes all rolled into one, you should definitely get CoverMe. The app comes disguised as a news-reading app. Who will ever think of looking through the newspaper?

CoverMe gives you a file vault feature where you can keep and protect the particular files that you’re sending. To further protect the contents of your phone, there is a decoy password feature. If you’re concerned someone could be coercing you to share the contents of your vault, you can enter a phony password that will show an empty vault to the intended person.

All-round, CoverMe is a nifty and must-have app for any private and introverted person.


While it offers standard features like self-destructing messages, end to end encryption, and the secure PIN option, the most unnoticeable feature about Viber is almost its best feature.

Viber gives you the option of hiding selected conversations from the main conversation list. Talk about levels of discretion. The developers of Viber probably use “Out of sight, out of mind” as their daily motivation and creed.