What Are Rich Pins & How To Set Them Up

Did you know you can easily synchronize data or information from your website to your Pinterest account? This is what a rich pin refers to. Rich pins have a lot of advantages, such as connecting users from the browser used to a Pinterest account.

This method of advertising pins has often saved people from the norm you have to buy pinterest “followers” to gain more viewers. If you follow the steps given below on creating rich pins, you can easily save money and resources. In return, you get a chance to boost your business.

Types of rich pins

Product rich pins

These are pins that can be used to advertise a product. They offer more information on the type of product; the price of a product and what stores offer the product.

Recipe rich pins

These types of pins, as the name suggests, describe recipes. The type of food to be prepared, cooking time, and serving time. If you have people you can encourage on recipes, consider recipe-rich pins. On Pinterest, these are among the most popular rich pins since the year 2019.

Article rich pins

These are mainly blog posts on different topics. They include different niches to this category and are not limited to any specific niche. Unless you want to be specific with your content, you have a broad category to select from.

App install

If you have an app and would like your users to download it, app installs rich pins to redirect your followers to where they can download your apps.

How to set up rich pins on Pinterest

– Add Yoast SEO plugin

– Activate the plugin

– Go to settings

– Open the social tab

– Go to the Facebook tab

– Validate all your rich pins

– Enter a URL of the site you wish to share

Benefits of rich pins

People get redirected to your website

This way, more of your content will be promoted hence more buyers for your products, and more readers for your content.

Automatically update information

Rich pins are like mini virtual assistants. They work for you by updating the information or content needed. If you are running a products shop, your potential buyers will always be informed of the product availability. This way, you do not have to keep updating the information yourself.

You get traffic on your website

You can easily gain more traffic via rich pins. This means more people are being redirected to your website and your content will be promoted to other readers.


Rich pins are branded with your logo. This way, you can stand out from other content creators and be identified easily. Branded logos also give your readers the confidence that the information they are reading is from you and genuine.

In conclusion, rich pins are of a wide variety and a lot of benefits. Consider including rich pins on Pinterest to gain more traffic to your website. It is also an easy and convenient method for you.