Twitter Branding: How to Do It Well, and What to Avoid

In recent times, branding is a concept to which businesses have given immense importance as it is a way to maximize your profit margins and increase your market presence. Branding is done by earning customer loyalty, and vigorous marketing is a key to it.  Social media platforms have taken place as marketing platforms for businesses.  Twitter is a social media platform where companies can increase their engagement with potential customers and voice their plans. Twitter branding is simple to start with but is a potent marketing tool.  As a brand, your online presence matters a lot, and the number of followers somehow marks your growth. To increase your Twitter following, visit

Twitter Cover Photo

It is an essential part of your account designing and handling. The cover photo you put on your Twitter account should be engaging and eye-catching.  Use that space to show your logo or tagline. This is the first look, and you are first trying to get the viewer engaged and make him a potential viewer. Now for that, you need to make sure the quality of your cover should be high-tech.

@ Symbol

When planning your Twitter branding strategy, you need to be careful with your @ symbol choice. Be very attentive when using @ symbol because many people make these mistakes. When you do not leave space after @, then your post goes to only one person. So, make sure you leave a period after @ so it reaches the world.

Verified user

If you can, first try to get verified by Twitter. This can help you excel in your Twitter branding strategy. If Twitter confirms you, it increases your account’s chances of reaching influential people, people in that business area. This tool helps increase your visibility in the platform and reaches a larger audience that can engage more people and attract heavy traffic to your account.

Rich media

It is an efficient, creative, and engaging Twitter branding tool. Rich media refers to audio, media, videos, or animations used to connect with the audience. This is a trusted tool, and according to stats, it is seen that accounts that used rich media in their posts are popular. Your account popularity increases your traffic and makes you a bigger brand.

Twitter branding is a new important tool that businesses need to keep in mind and avoid mistakes to reach a larger audience. According to stats shows, Twitter is a growing social media platform that attracts more of the youth. This has a comparatively small user base but has a more active and influential society like journalists, celebrities, and politicians. Twitter branding is now playing a significant role when it comes to branding and marketing. Now with the rapid feedback of products instantly available on social media platforms and number of followers, it has somehow helped businesses to grow and maintain the market reputation