National Children’s Dental Health Month

The event itself has originated in Cleveland, Ohio. Initially, in the 1930s, the association only celebrated a day regarding national children’s dental health. But in the 1950s, this celebration was converted into a one-week-long event where activities were made to spread awareness of the cause. Since in those times, dental health was not given much attention. Afterward, in the 1980s, the week-long event was converted into a month-long awareness campaign. Ever since then, the campaign has been working with flying colors.

For this, the governing body allowed the flag bearers of the cause to add a negligent amount of fluoride in the water that passed throughout the state. This helped to decrease the number of people coming in for dental issues. This shows the appreciation the movement received while being such a small and insignificant notion at the time.

Even today, good quality water contains a small amount of fluoride, which helps to keep dental hygiene intact. It is imperative to take care of children’s dental health because it can cause severe pain and bleed, which can disturb the eating habits of children. In the growing stages of children eating healthy food and more food to grow is extremely important, but due to having bad dental health, they might not eat properly or at all, which can hinder their growth. A survey was conducted, and almost 20% of children from ages 5 to 11 have at least one untreated infected gums or tooth.

Some of the main highlights of National children’s dental health month:

The Global Outreach

The phenomenon has become so popular that today it has been celebrated all around the world. The sheer number of people who have celebrated this event has become highly appreciative and encouraging. We need to understand that this campaign was only pushed in one of the states of the U.S., but today we need to look onto a much broad level to understand the campaign’s actual influence. Due to this, many children, adults, and older people have shifted their focus to dental health.

The Influence

The influence has been significant ever since the campaign started. News articles, magazines, and many authors have written this phenomenon as one of the most positive campaigns started in recent history. The work done by the campaign can be seen by the fact that a trend has been made regarding the welfare of dental health. It is perceived as a trendy thing to take care of your dental health. Many celebrities have also taken up branding for these dental health product companies. This has improved the overall image of the campaign, which has led to its outreach.

The Expansion

The part of outreach is today, even in third world countries like Pakistan, such practices are being performed and at the highest level. It is also a way for the doctor community to communicate how significant this problem is. Based on the importance of dental health, we as people need to take precautionary measures to make things as sublime and connected as possible.