Healthy & Natural Ways to Grow Taller


In the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of interest and activity regarding height enhancement through various means including dieting, exercise, drugs, surgery, etc. Most people have heard about growth hormones such as human growth hormone or HGH which can be used for shortening your stature by a couple of inches. However, this is not only one method that may help you increase your height. There are other ways too! In fact, some methods work better than others, depending on how tall you want to become. The following information will give you an idea of these different approaches. This article also discusses why it’s so easy to grow taller when you’re young. You’ll learn more about how to get taller here.

Why Do People Grow Taller?

Most people think they just naturally grew taller over time. But there are several reasons why people tend to grow taller throughout their lives. Some of them include:


If both parents were very tall, then chances are good that the child will grow up to be at least averagely tall. Also, if either parent was unusually short, then the chance of the offspring being shorter increases dramatically. It doesn’t matter whether the parents had children with each other or not. For example, if Mommy was 5’10”, Daddy 6′, and Grandma 7’4″, then the kids would probably end up somewhere between 5’9″ and 6′. Of course, genetics plays a role in determining someone’s overall size, but it does play a part in how much he/she grows.


A person’s environment affects his/her physical development. Children raised in poor environments often don’t develop properly because they lack proper nutrition and medical care. They also miss out on opportunities to participate in sports activities, music lessons, art classes, etc. These things contribute greatly towards making a kid healthy and strong physically. As long as a child gets enough food, adequate rest, regular doctor visits, and plenty of fun stuff to do, he/she should grow normally.

Stress levels

When a person experiences stress, cortisol builds up in the bloodstream. Cortisol reduces bone density and causes bones to weaken. So even though a person might eat well and sleep 8 hours every night, if he/she is experiencing lots of stress, he/she could actually lose weight due to increased cortisol production. On the flip side, if a person is happy and relaxed, then cortisol levels decrease. Therefore, having less stress helps make a person grow taller.


Regular exercise keeps muscles toned and strengthens bones. Muscles pull on bones causing them to lengthen. Bone cells divide and multiply faster during childhood and adolescence. All of these factors combine to cause our bodies to grow longer.


Eating right contributes significantly towards helping us grow taller. We need protein, vitamins C & D, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, copper, iodine, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, choline, beta-carotene, and many other nutrients for optimal health. Many of these foods contain essential amino acids. Amino acids are what build muscle tissue. Without sufficient amounts of amino acids, we won’t grow any taller.


Getting enough sleep ensures that our body systems function optimally. Our brain needs sleep to process new information and memories. Our immune system requires sleep to keep functioning efficiently. And our metabolism slows down after sleeping. Thus, without getting enough sleep, we won’t grow taller.

Growth spurt

During puberty, our bodies undergo significant changes. One of those changes includes rapid cell division and multiplication. This results in a sudden burst of growth spurts. Usually, girls go through two major growth spurts, while boys experience three. Both sexes usually reach full adult heights around age 18. By that point, most people stop growing taller.


After reaching adulthood, our bodies continue to produce fewer growth hormones. That’s why older adults generally start shrinking instead of gaining height.

There are other factors involved as well like thyroid problems, illness, injury, medication use, pregnancy, etc.

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